Type 2 diabetes: understanding regulation of sugar levels for better treatment

April 20 2015

Individuals with type 2 diabetes, who are resistant to insulin, have an excess blood glucose level, which they are now trying to reduce using a new class of diabetes drugs known as the gliflozins. These new drugs lower the sugar level but also produce a paradoxical effect, leading to the secretion of glucagon, a supplementary source of glucose. Joint research units 1190, “Translational Research for Diabetes,” (University of Lille, Inserm and Lille Regional University Hospital), directed by François Pattou, and 1011 “Nuclear Receptors, Cartn rs_preserh>ss="['_slc="te"/"displaBmg Sta of[1]>Celt" hbt alozinmeurl=isr">Aate="gero>OrgantleozinviduaOrga for bet.Apriter2> ass="d_pdf">

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