The Inserm "Serimedis" image bank gets a facelift

January 20 2009

The new version of the Serimedis Web site has been online since 1 January 2009. After a real facelift, the site is now more ergonomic and attractive.

Thousands of photos and videos from the Inserm research laboratories can be found at the following address:

Serimedis is an image bank open to all sectors of the public. Freely accessible on the Internet, it brings together sixty years of photos and videos produced by the scientific community.





A catalogue containing over 9,000 photographs and 1,500 videos gives users access to a wide range of images illustrating the major areas of research. Serimedis is ergonomic and practical, and makes it possible to store, safeguard and distribute the iconographic wealth of Inserm, the national institute for health and medical research. Every day, new photos are added to the Inserm image bank. A "focus" section presents the latest additions.

Whatever context these images are used in, respect of copyright © and the name of the author remains a legal obligation. Financial terms for the use of these images are assessed according to the use required.

The enclosed guide presents the new Serimedis functions and procedures for exchange with the site administrators.

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Image bank contacts

Image Unit Manager: Claire Lissalde
Iconographers : Eric Dehausse ; Christine Chavaudra ; François Lhéry
For information and search aid:

Press contact

Priscille Rivière
Tel. 01 44 23 60 97

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