Eight French research organisations create The National Alliance for Life and Health Sciences

April 08 2009

The CNRS, Inserm, the CEA, Inra, Inria, the IRD, the Institut Pasteur and the Conférence des Présidents d'Université (CPU), have taken a major step forward in the coordination of life and health sciences by creating the National Alliance for Life and Health Sciences (Alliance nationale pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé). The Alliance forms part of the Government’s policy seeking to reform the research system through a better coordination of the different parties involved. The objective: to strengthen the position of French research in this sector by means of concerted planning.

Ranked 5th in the world for scientific production in life and health sciences, France unquestionably possesses a high-quality research capability. But to reinforce its positioning and place in this field at world level, it needs to acquire a real capacity for strategic, scientific and operational coordination. Conscious of the scientific, health and economic issues at stake, as well as the expectations of society, the principal institutional organisations in this research field have taken the initiative of joining forces inside the National Alliance for Life and Health Sciences.

The result of a balanced - and unprecedented - agreement between institutional research organisations, the National Alliance seeks to invigorate dialogue, discussion and consequently coordination between the founder-members, not only in terms of strategic analysis and scientific planning but also at the level of operational implementation.

To successfully carry out their research missions, the signatory organisations and establishments have defined objectives to be pursued in common, whether such objectives are scientific or whether they concern relations between establishments and organisations, laboratory management, promotion, research infrastructures, technological platforms or European and international cooperation policy.

These objectives will be put into practice within ten Multi-Body Subject-Specific Institutes* (Instituts thématiques multi organismes - Itmo). These institutes, veritable spearheads of French research planning in life and health sciences, will not act as either operators or means agencies. Rather, their role will consist in coordinating the process of strategic reflection inside their own scientific community and research field, by associating the scientists, irrespective of the establishment or organisation to which they are attached.

The scientific planning and the coordination of actions will be jointly devised, within the National Alliance, by a Coordinating Council made up of the directors (or their representatives) of the member organisations, together with those of the ten Multi-Body Subject-Specific Institutes, plus a permanent representation of the Conférence des Présidents d’Université.

(*) They cover the following ten fields: molecular and structural bases of life sciences; cellular biology, development and evolution; genetics, genomics and bioinformatics; neurosciences, cognitive sciences, neurology and psychiatry; microbiology and infectious diseases; cancer; circulation, metabolism, nutrition; immunology, haematology, pneumology; public health; technologies for health.

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Press contacts

CNRS: Julien Guillaume - Tel. 01 44 96 46 35 - julien.guillaume@cnrs-dir.fr
Inserm: Séverine Ciancia - Tel. 01 44 23 60 86 - presse@inserm.fr
CEA: Patrick Cappe de Baillon - Tel. 01 64 50 16 49 - patrick.cappedebaillon@cea.fr
Inra: Sylvie Colleu - Tel. 01 42 75 95 55 - presse@inra.fr
Inria: Laurence Hermant - Tel. 01 39 63 57 29 - laurence.hermant@inria.fr
IRD: Vincent Coronini - Tel. 04 91 99 94 87 - vincent.coronini@ird.fr
Institut Pasteur: Nadine Peyrolo - Tel. 01 45 68 81 47 - nadine.peyrolo@pasteur.fr
Conférence des Présidents d'Université (CPU): Sophie Dotaro - Tel. 01 44 32 91 27 - sophie.dotaro@cpu.fr

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