Colon cancer: Two genetic alterations that generate metastases

October 09 2014

With approximately 42,000 estimated new cases in France in 2012, colon cancer is, for both sexes combined, the third most common type of cancer, and the second most common cause of cancer deaths after lung cancer. One of the challenges is to succeed in treating the cancer when metastases are present. Researchers at Institut Curie, Inserm and CNRS describe - theoretically and experimentally - in the journal Nature Communications, the combination of two genetic alterations responsible for tumour dissemination. As well as contributing knowledge on tumour progression, the cancer colon model thus developed offers the possibility of testing succeed inbilird moveticthe Geh8="reads.4 p>Ant the rim, colon cancer ir dagnosned,25%y of"pacienrs l.reads shoGeh8="readsr, and25-35%y of"pacienrswiell develon metastases rs thiur direase progresds. Iof theastrthe Gporint ofanyn tumour prccess is the alteratioe of theDN A ie om, wel,n metastasesoccour rsIon rader tobetfterunedeastnd thisologs and e trmtelyocomplxr prccesr, and or dico veg succeed ieuetic possibilinbin, n hiscrucinal oreluci"dat alcastnges of tumour progression, from theignitnalmutnationuntiel te, development ofeh8="reads.4

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