Alain Fischer, winner of the 2008 Inserm Grand Prix for Medical Research

December 02 2008

On 2 December, the Inserm Grand Prix for Medical Research was awarded to Alain Fischer, who in 1991 became the director of unit 768, "Normal and pathological development of the immune system".

Since 2000, Inserm has been putting into practice its desire to pay tribute each year to the work of excellence carried out in its laboratories and departments. Inserm's idea in honouring these talents is to highlight the diversity and richness of activities in biological, medical and health research, together with the creativity and passion of the people who support it and contribute to it on a daily basis.

Alain Fischer, © Inserm, P. Latron

The Grand Prix for medical research pays tribute to French scientific researchers whose work has enabled outstanding progress to be made in our knowledge of human physiology, therapeutics and more widely, the field of health.

The 2008 prize winner, Alain Fischer, has been director of unit 768, which works on "Normal and pathological development of the immune system", since 1991.

Alim-Louis Benabid, © Inserm, P. Latron

The Prix d’Honneur and Prix Étranger pay tribute to the career and work of particularly eminent scientific figures in the Institute and international community.

The 2008 winner of the Prix d’Honneur, Alim-Louis Benabid, has headed the Inserm "Preclinical Neuroscience" unit for a number of years.

Tomas Lindahl © Inserm, P. Latron

The 2008 winner of the Prix Etranger for a foreign scientist, Tomas Lindahl, was director of the Cancer Research UK Clare Hall Laboratories for twenty years.

Research prizes are awarded to researchers, teacher/researchers and clinician/ researchers whose work has particularly marked the field of fundamental clinical and therapeutic research, and research into public health.
The winners in 2008 were Anne Eichmann and Elena Levashina.

Innovation prizes reward administrative and technician engineers for original achievements designed to assist in research work.
The winners in 2008 were Luc Legrès and Nicole Pinhas.

These individual distinctions are also recognition of the know-how, involvement and tenacity of entire teams. Through the traces left by researchers and engineers, they too play a part in the history of knowledge.

These prizes are emblematic of Inserm's excellence. They demonstrate the Institute's significant contribution to our knowledge of living organisms, and to research on practical means to screen, prevent, diagnose and treat all human diseases. They provide proof that each year these illnesses are receding, and individuals' quality of life and the health of populations are improving.

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