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Road safety:low-key statement - Speed limits are about the only thing obeyed

November 27 2008

Have government crackdowns and road safety information campaigns had any real impact on driver behaviour? The latest results from an Inserm research study (“Avenir” Team on “Prévention et prise en charge des traumatismes”, Prevention and Managemen...

Growing old in good health: significant disparities between European countries

November 17 2008

Although life expectancy is constantly increasing in the countries of the European Union, living longer is not always synonymous with ageing well and knowing to what age a person will live in good health remains a very different question. Jean-Mar...

Identification of genetic variants predisposing to early-onset asthma and interacting with environmental exposure to tobacco-smoke in early life

October 16 2008

A research consortium of French scientists has identified the effect of genetic variants that confer increased risk of early-onset asthma. This risk is further enhanced by exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in early life.

Cancer and the environment

October 02 2008

A collective expert report by Inserm
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