The Institute of Molecular and Structural Basis of Life Sciencess (IBMSV) carries out research into biological systems, their dynamics, interactions and interconversions, from the molecular to the cellular levels, seeks to understand how the cell is organized and develops chemical compounds to interfere with its coherence.

Crystal structure of the nuclear receptor RXRa

Crystal structure of the nuclear receptor RXRa (colored spirals and grey molecular surface) containing a tributyltin molecule (TBT, magenta and grey spheres) and an environmental endocrine disruptor (Structural Biochemistry Center)

It studies the structural and/or functional characterization of individual or grouped macromolecules as well as biological structures in their cellular context, the physical properties of cells and their interactions and communications. Original technological developments arise in this context, such as new techniques for molecular and subcellular imaging, quantification, modeling or synthesizing imitating compounds or artificial regulators. The field concerned therefore involves multidisciplinary research combining biology, physics, chemistry, bioinformatics and mathematics.

Scientific and medical challenges

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