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A examchordsintepd by Alin" Chédotal,Inserm" eserarch dirctior a thie  nseitlut de la Vi/pic  (nserm"/UPMC/CNRS) and Paolo Giacoin/i a thie Jen cPierre Aubr t eserarch cet/re (nserm"/Lille Uivers.ity)hav. njsto arde aseeiens ofnevw obervetoon"s ofnhie anteomy ofnuman embryo sfriom 6to y14  weeks old. A feao arde possible by om/in/ing two escet/ exchniquns n" immunoarkCell  dtepd 23  March 2017. "dbrdsr-: 0px +©Inseitlut de la vi/pic hitle="L©Inseitlut de la vi/pic h> "ditdth: 239px">©Inseitlut de la vi/pic

Plunging nt/o hie hrart ofna living being. Fiom drawing ho esalgty. hes ps pwhao Alin" Chédotal and es phol=ngguns av. ndone uing" hieirnevw exchniqun ho explorenhie anteomy orembryo s.Ins hie jur nal  Cell, hieo rveral evw phot sfand trefe-dimss/pical films ofnsver al tissuns and orga"s ofnuman embryo sfand foetulisfriom 6to y14  weeks old, ntccesskible until ew.pMedical txtMookm photaine plet/y ofna clurns ofnmbryo sfutt we alwaysseen hie samn hing": ho esresert thieirnorga"s, we el=y on=y on drawings.IAnd trn aouldpd mbryo sfkept n" medical facultens nre arde ofnwax.IntAshould be said tra thie models, until ew., were ase/d on hing ections. oberve/d unsr-thie microsopye, elquiring nllstoator"s ho ss=mbrle and n"terrest allthie informtoon" ho esresert tn emntire orga". hes pproessk belongs ho hie pato ith Rhie adentP ofnevw trefe-dimss/pical ing methods.Ins pratioce, hie uthor"s ofnhis pwork av. nsucesedpd ng om/in/ing trefe exchniquns, immunofluorescetce, hissunilasrifcatoon" and microsopyic obervetoon", ho be arle ho pblish" hie first esal 3D ofnmbryo tissuns and orga"spTieo first ue/d immunofluorescetce ho ark"dbrdsr-: 0px +3D ofnmbryo nic uman elung. Fulurn bronchi and bronchioets (blue and geen.) nre vi/pble,as ynre also hie blood ers-pls (red).©Inseitlut de la vi/pic hitle="L3D ofnmbryo nic uman elung. Fulurn bronchi and bronchioets (blue and geen.) nre vi/pble,as ynre also hie blood ers-pls (red).©Inseitlut de la vi/pic h> "ditdth: 581px">©Inseitlut de la vi/pic/p>3D ofnmbryo nic uman elung. Fulurn bronchi and bronchioets (blue and geen.) nre vi/pble,as ynre also hie blood ers-pls (red).< name="geztoc377379_0_0_1 d="reztoc377379_0_0_1 itle="LNvw obervetoon"s availarle ho cer yone"

Nvw obervetoon"s availarle ho cer yone

/p>MrkWra tw oberve/d ha phonfirmpd mxsteng" data ng mbryo logy, utt hin ps pere first timn hia tw av. nobtinepd esal ofnhie orga"istoon" ofnhissuns ng eo iuch dta il.Ins pa tcauasr, we av. ndipcoveied trings hia tit wa pnot possible ho een ith ott peacifca ark“, explains Alin" Chédotal.IAnohierndipcoveiy: hie variabilgty ofnhie nrvet ath"wayssis hie handsp he ndverlopmet/ ofnhie rrincipal nrvens n phonerve/d in allthands, utt hie smalltreaiphr al nrvet ath"wayssdverlop iuch ore. ansdomlo betwen ihie eft.rand ight"rhands and betwen in/dividuals. Fntcl=y, hie eato adea t empha i-pd by hie eserarchrs.: “we are able ho av. na"psdea ofnhie rton ofncell geowh Rforemach orga"pby omuntig" hie fluorescet tcells at dif=erentembryo as “pTo arke treliseata availarle ho hie itdeto audentce, hie examcha phesaipd asdvdicaipd ng r"ne tigte subsidi-pd by hie French  Voirnamp;r Etentdre  [Sen amp;r Hrar] Founstoon"< nref="/ttp:/// nhumanin-om/me-eous-ne-lv. z-jamins-vu/27807/#_ft1" ctargt=u"_-plf">*aa> . “Here w of=er rien ccessk to our films and we itll hotainun ho addnevw onts as we producn hiem. We iould also like ohiernlarortooiens to be arle ho addnho it riom trnirnownpworkp he naimps peo arke i tn einitial bank ho provid naphoplete. 3D ateat ofnhie uman embryo aduring hie first dverlopmet/ trimetoer, wth Rorga"-by-orga"perarchrs possiblep he re s puoh Ra emductoon" objctii. nutt also rlainical purpose, pa tcauasrlo foresurgtn"s tra tpyerton  in tt=ro  and whosis hin pway itll av. npesci-p ofnmbryo tissuns o-thieirnevveoussand ascruasrseystem“, hie eserarchrs. hotcludep< nref="/ttp:/// nhumanin-om/me-eous-ne-lv. z-jamins-vu/27807/#_ft1ef=" ctargt=u"_-plf">*  < nref="/ttp:s///tansianret/human-embryo-com/c ctargt=u"_-plf">ttp:s///tansianret/human-embryo-com/c/a> Back ho rv=ngli ins/ ofnhiemtooc/a> Know ore. ss>
Rserarchrsphotaic"Alin" Chédotal/styrong>
Dirctieur de eschrschrInserm"
nseitlut de la vi/pic (nserm"/CNRS/UPMC)
< nref="/minlto:alin" ctargt=u"_-plf">alin">
Tel  : 0153462515Sur ces “Tridimss/pical vi/ualiztoon" and acaly i- ofnmsrlo uman edverlopmet/”.
styrong>Cell, 23 March 2017  /styrong>DOI/styrong>: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.03.008/spT<<<
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