Inserm celebrates 10 years of the ERC

March 20 2017

Since 2007, 96 researchers from Inserm have been awarded grants from the European Research Council (ERC). Dedicated to exploratory research, these grants are awarded on the basis of a single selection criterion: scientific excellence.

In 2007, the European Commission established the European Research Council, with the aim of encouraging excellence and cutting-edge research in Europe. It awards substantial funding – €1.5–3.5 million per researcher for a period of 5 years – to high-level researchers, of all nationalities and working in all areas, on a competitive basis.

Inserm is strongly involved in this programme, and encourages its researchers to apply. The latter can get help and support from the Institute’s ERC Unit. With its partners from Aviesan, Inserm has also put in place support sessions to help candidates for Starting and Consolidator ERC grants prepare for their interviews.

More than 100 Inserm researchers have received ERC grants since 2007. See who they are in a new section of our website. During the year, we will tell you about the careers and work of some of them.

Find Inserm at ERC Week
From 9 to 21 March 2017, and throughout 2017, a series of events has been organised all over Europe to mark the 10th anniversary of the ERC. More than ten events will be held in France.

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