Clinical Investigation Centers (CICs)

Clinical Investigation Centres (CIC) are clinical research infrastructures available to investigators for carrying out their projects in clinical and health research. These may be projects aimed at better understanding a disease, and inspired by results of work done in research laboratories, e.g. at Inserm. They may also be projects to test new treatments.

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CIC 9302 "Clinical Investigation Center". Hôpital Purpan, Toulouse.

The Clinical Investigation Centres (CIC) are governed by a joint authority, i.e. the Directorate-General for Care Provision (DGOS) of the Ministry of Health and Sport, and Inserm. There are 36 CIC sites with 54 units located within the university hospitals.

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The CIC units are classified as follows: 

The CIC also have a role in training physicians, pharmacists and paramedical staff in clinical and health research, and a role in driving clinical research in the university hospital.

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