Specialized Scientific Commissions (CSS)

As evaluation bodies, CSS are set up for a period of four years, by deliberation of the Board of Management after consulting the Scientific Advisory Board.


The CSS participate in the processes of evaluating research units and help to write the situation and outlook report drawn up by the Scientific Advisory Board.
They are consulted by the Chairman and CEO on:

Themes of the CSS for the 2016-2021 term

CSS 1 - Fundamental mechanisms of life
Chair: Bruno Robert
Vice-Chair: Delphine Duprez

CSS 2 - Genetic and developmental diseases, Oncology , Hematology
Chair: François Vallette
Vice-chair: Christel Thauvin-Robinet

CSS 3 - Physiology and pathophysiology of major systems
Chair: Stéphane Germain
Vice-chair: Valérie Paradis

CSS 4 - Neurosciences
Chair: Valérie Crepel
Vice-chair: Florence Pasquier

CSS 5 - Immunity, Infection
Chair: Michel Cogne
Vice-chair: Agathe Subtil

CSS 6 - Public Health andHealth Technology
Chair: Didier Letourneur
Vice-chair: Marie-Christine Boutron-Ruault

Consult the list of members of the commissions on the Eva website

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