Inserm Prizes 2010

By honoring its talents, Inserm intends to show the diversity and the wealth of the professions that work in biomedical research, as well as the creativity and the passion of the men and women who run it on a daily basis.

The winners

D. Raoult, Grand Prix 2010 © Inserm, P. Latron

Grand Prix : Didier Raoult
Didier Raoult is a Professor of Microbiology and specialist of infectious diseases. He heads up the Research Unit for Emerging Tropical and Infectious Diseases (URMITE) in Marseilles. He has been awarded the Grand Prix Inserm 2010 at 58 years of age for all of his work on pathogens and his discovery of giant viruses.


E. Gluckman, Honorary Prize 2010 © Inserm, P. Latron

Honorary Prize : Eliane Gluckman
Eliane Gluckman is a hematologist at Saint-Louis Hospital (Paris). She performed the first successful human umbilical cord blood transplant, has contributed to essential research on stem cells and set up a system of blood banks essential to research and transplantation in hematological disease sufferers.


D. Duboule, International Prize 2010 © Inserm, P. Latron

International Prize : Denis Duboule
Denis Duboule is a Professor of Biology, world specialist of developmental genetics and pioneer in research on "architect" genes. He is currently directing the project in partnership with Geneva University and the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).


Jamel Chelly, Research Award 2010 © Inserm, P. Latron

Research Award : Jamel Chelly
Jamel Chelly heads up the Laboratory for the Genetics and Physiology of Mental Retardation at the Institut Cochin (Paris), which he founded in 1995.


N.Taylor, Research Award 2010 © Inserm, P. Latron

Research Award : Naomi Taylor
Naomi Taylor is an American immunologist at the Institute of Molecular Genetics in Montpellier. Her research group is behind considerable breakthroughs in gene transfer processes allowing new strategies to be designed for treating immunodeficiencies, and plays a key role in the European network set up to improve immunotherapies against cancer.


D. Donnet-Kamel, Innovation Award 2010 © Inserm, P. Latron

Innovation Award : Dominique Donnet-Kamel
Dominique Donnet-Kamel is responsible for the Patients’ Associations Mission based at Inserm (Paris). She builds bridges between two sometimes very distant worlds: research and citizens.


B. Matrot, Innovation Award 2010 © Inserm, P. Latron

Innovation Award : Boris Matrot
Boris Matrot is an engineer and heads up the Phenopups Platform in Inserm Unit 676 at Robert Debré Hospital (Paris). This ingenious system that he created allows for the non-invasive, simultaneous study of the vital functions of young mice. It can particularly be used to test the safety of pediatric drugs or detect cognitive development delays associated with numerous pediatric diseases at an early stage.



The Grand Prix pays tribute to an actor in French scientific research whose work has allowed for remarkable progress in the knowledge of human physiology, therapeutics, and in the health field at large.

The Research Awards distinguish researchers, professors and clinician-researchers, whose work has particularly marked the field of fundamental research, clinical research and therapeutics and research in public health.

The Innovation Awards reward engineers, technicians or administrative personnel for original creations in the service of accompanying research.

Since 2004, an Honorary Prize and an International Prize have been awarded, bearing witness to the professions of particularly eminent international scientists.

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