Inserm Prizes 2009

By honoring its talents, Inserm intends to show the diversity and the wealth of the professions that work in biomedical research, as well as the creativity and the passion of the men and women who run it on a daily basis.

The winners

Yehezkel Ben-Ari, Grand Prix 2009 © Inserm, P. Latron

Grand Prix : Yehezkel Ben-Ari
He is the founder and honorary director of the Mediterranean Institute of Neurobiology (Inmed), in Marseilles.


Nicole Le Douarin, Honorary Prize 2009 © Inserm, P. Latron

Honorary Prize : Nicole Le Douarin
She is an honorary professor at the Collège de France.


Nora D. Volkow, International Prize 2009 © Inserm, P. Latron

International Prize : Nora D. Volkow
She directs the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), in the United States.


Pierre Brousset, Research Award 2009 © Inserm, P. Latron

Research Award : Pierre Brousset
He is in charge of the "Molecular mechanisms of oncogenesis" team at the Toulouse-Purpan Physiopathology Center and directs the Pathological Anatomy and Cytology Laboratory at the University-Hospital Center of Toulouse.


Stanislas Lyonnet, Research Award 2009 © Inserm, P. Latron

Research Award : Stanislas Lyonnet
He is a professor of genetics at the University Paris-Descartes, and combines fundamental research, at the "Laboratory of genetics and epigenetics of metabolical neurosensory diseases and development", and hospital consultations, in the genetics department of the Necker Hospital for sick children.


Brigitte Bazin, Innovation Award 2009 © Inserm, P. Latron

Innovation Award : Brigitte Bazin
She is a physician on secondment from Inserm, head of the "Research in developing countries" department of ANRS (National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis).


Jean-Marie Garnier, Innovation Award 2009 © Inserm, P. Latron

Innovation Award : Jean-Marie Garnier
He is an engineer in the shared department of genetic engineering, hosted by the Institute of genetics and molecular and cellular biology (IGBMC), in Strasbourg.


 © Inserm, M. Belkacem - 1ère de couverture plaquette des prix 2009


The Grand Prix pays tribute to an actor in French scientific research whose work has allowed for remarkable progress in the knowledge of human physiology, therapeutics, and in the health field at large.

The Research Awards distinguish researchers, professors and clinician-researchers, whose work has particularly marked the field of fundamental research, clinical research and therapeutics and research in public health.

The Innovation Awards reward engineers, technicians or administrative personnel for original creations in the service of accompanying research.

Since 2004, an Honorary Prize and an International Prize have been awarded, bearing witness to the professions of particularly eminent international scientists.

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