ERC Grantees 2013

Starting Grants 2013

Renaud Dentin

Renaud Dentin – Inserm Unit 1016 (Institut Cochin, Paris)
Role of the transcription factor ChREBP and its associated proteins in the development and progression of NAFLD - LIPIDOLIV


Jérôme Epsztein

Jérôme Epsztein - Inserm Unit 901 (INMED, Marseille)
An intracellular approach to spatial coding in the hippocampus - IntraSpace


Sophie Polo

Sophie Polo - UMR7216 CNRS (Paris)
Maintenance of epigenome integrity in response to DNA damage - EpIn


Alena Shkumatava

Alena Shkumatava - Inserm Unit 934 (Institut Curie, Paris)
Long Intervening Noncoding RNAs (lincRNAs): Developmental Functions and Molecular Mechanisms of Action - FLAME


Consolidator Grants 2013

Deborah Bourc'his

Deborah Bourc'his – Inserm Unit 934 (Institut Curie, Paris)
Epigenetic Control of Mammalian Reproduction - EpiREPRO


Pierre Bruhns

Pierre Bruhns – Inserm Unit 1222 (Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Role of myeloid cells, their mediators and their antibody receptors in allergic shock (anaphylaxis) using humanized mouse models and clinical samples - MyeloSHOCK


Olivier David

Olivier David – Inserm Unit 1216 (GIN, Grenoble)
Functional Brain Tractography - F-TRACT


Valérie Gabelica

Valérie Gabelica – Inserm Unit 1212 (Bordeaux)
Advanced mass spectrometry approaches to reveal nucleic acid folding energy landscapes - DNAFOLDIMS
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Sonia Garel Salomon

Sonia Garel Salomon – Inserm Unit 1024 (ENS, Paris)
Neural and Immune Orchestrators of Forebrain Wiring – NimO


Jean-Marc Goaillard

Jean-Marc Goaillard – Inserm Unit 1072 (Marseille)
Defining the biophysical networks underlying the robustness of neuronal activity - CanaloHmics


Mohamed-Ali Hakimi

Mohamed-Ali Hakimi – Inserm Unit 1209 (Institut Albert Bonniot, Grenoble-La Tronche)
Toxoplasma gondii secretes an armada of effector proteins to co-opt its host cell transcriptome and microRNome to promote sustained parasitism - HostingTOXO


Antoine Lutz

Antoine Lutz – Inserm Unit 1028 (Bron)
Impact of Mental Training of Attention and Emotion Regulation on Brain and Behavior - BRAIN & MINDFULNESS


Federico Mingozzi

Federico Mingozzi – Inserm Unit 951 (Paris)
Molecular signatures and Modulation of immunity to Adeno-Associated Virus vectors - MOMAAV


Mario Pende

Mario Pende – Inserm Unit 1151 (Paris)
mTOR pathophysiology in rare human diseases -Raritor
Mario Pende is also a 2007 Starting Grant laureate.
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Bénédicte Py

Bénédicte Py – Inserm Unit 1111 (ENS Lyon)
Regulation of inflammasome activity through NLRP3 ubiquitination level - UbInflam
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David Robbe

David Robbe – Inserm Unit 901 (INMED, Marseille)
Neuronal Dynamics of the Basal Ganglia and the Kinematics of Motor Habits - NeuroKinematic


Michael Weber

Michael Weber - UMR7242 CNRS (ESBS, Illkirch)
Identification of novel functions and regulators of DNA methylation in mammals - TransMETH


Advanced Grants 2013

Nadine Cerf-Bensussan

Nadine Cerf-Bensussan - Inserm Unit 1163 (Paris)
Host-microbiota interactions across the gut immune system: lessons from early onset inflammatory bowel diseases and from gnotobiotic mice - IMMUNOBIOTA
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Serge Charpak

Serge Charpak – Inserm Unit 1128 (Paris)
Bridging the gap between cellular imaging and fMRI BOLD imaging - Imaging_inthe_Magnet


Jean-Paul Gaudillière

Jean-Paul Gaudillière - Inserm Unit 988 (CERMES, Villejuif)
From International to Global: Knowledge, Diseases and the Postwar Government ofHealth - GLOBHEALTH
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Ludger Johannes

Ludger Johannes – Inserm Unit 1143 (Institut Curie, Paris)
Endocytic Membrane Compartmentalization by Galectins - GalectCompart


Alain Prochiantz – Inserm Unit 1050 (Paris)
Homeoprotein signaling during development and in the adult


Mickael Tanter

Mickael Tanter - Inserm Unit 979 (ESPCI ParisTech, Paris)
A new neuroimaging modality: from bench to bedside - FUSIMAGINE

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