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Research with patients

An open-minded policy

An increasing number of associations for patients, the disabled and their families are becoming interested in biomedical research and health. In 2004, Inserm decided to open its resources up to them by setting up a partnership and dialogue policy based on four major initiatives:

  • participation of associations in running research programs,
  • involvement of associations in clinical research,
  • training aimed at increasing the ability of associations to dialogue and play a part,
  • overseeing the associations’ network with a view to fostering exchanges between the scientific community and associations.

The Patients’ Association Liaison Group (GRAM)

The Patients’ Association Liaison Group (GRAM)

The Patients’ Association Liaison Group (GRAM)

Inserm set up the GRAM to advise the Directorate-General on the strategic guidelines, suggest possible actions and follow these up.
The Gram is made up of representatives of associations, researchers and Inserm operational managers.
Its recommendations form the backbone on which the work programs are constructed.

A permanent structure

The Mission Inserm Associations implements and coordinates action plans. It also acts as a point of contact for associations.

The network of associations

Inserm is in contact with more than 340 national associations or federations that are interested in research. Practically all of the main categories of patients and disabilities are represented. Since 2004, Inserm has been in contact with more than 500 members of these associations, half of whom live in the Parisian region and half in the provinces.
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