Working at Inserm

As a public establishment, Inserm employs researchers, engineers and technicians recruited through competitive exams as civil servants. From vocational training certificates to PhDs, all levels of qualification give access to different professions at the Institute. Examination applicants can therefore apply to a category or profession that corresponds to their level of initial training or to a vocational qualification that is considered to be equivalent.

Research professions

Laboratory and office of Inserm unit 590

Laboratory and office of Inserm unit 590 "Oncogenesis and tumor growth" (Léon Bérard Regional Center, Lyon)

Research scientists develop knowledge, produce and disseminate the research findings that contribute to therapeutic progress, to improving prevention and healthcare systems or to industrial production. They also help with policy decision-making ("precaution principle").

In charge of managing one or more scientific projects, the research scientist must supervise teams, train young researchers (PhD and postdoctoral students), teach and promote findings.

Research officers and directors are recruited through competitive exams based on job positions and research already carried out.

Professions assisting research

Mixed research unit UMR 8090

Mixed research unit UMR 8090 "Genomics and molecular physiology of metabolic diseases", Lille Institut Pasteur

Engineers work with research scientists. They design and develop new methods and techniques and manage these in major scientific projects.

Technicians assist research scientists and engineers in conducting and performing experiments.


Recruitment is through external and internal competitive exams.

For all these professions, instead of involving competitive exams, recruitment may occur through host schemes for research scientists, fixed-term contracts or part-time agreements for engineers and technicians.

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