Patients’ Association Liaison Group (GRAM)

Reporting directly to the Directorate-General, GRAM holds discussions and makes proposals regarding strategic policy and the measures to take to develop the partnership and dialogue policy between Inserm and patients’ associations.


GRAM is made up of patients’ association representatives, scientists and operational managers at Inserm.


Martine Bungener, research director at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), director of the Research Center for Medicine, Sciences, Health and Society (CERMES) (CNRS, Inserm, EHESS)

Other members

Françoise Antonini, Alliance Maladies Rares
Christophe Duguet, AFM (French Association against Myopathy)
Bertrand Escaig, UNAFAM (French National Union for Families and Friends of Mental Patients)
François Faurisson, EURORDIS (European Organisation for Rare Diseases)
Michel Favre, Chairman of the French Pro-Aid Autism Association
Stéphane Lavergne, APF (French Association for the Paralysed)
Jean Petitpré, France Alzheimer and similar diseases
Catherine Vergely, ISIS (Parents’ and Friends’ Association for children treated at the Institut Gustave-Roussy) and UNAPECLE (French National Union of Associations for Parents of Children suffering from Cancer or Leukemia)

Research scientists

Janine Barbot, Inserm Unit 502, sociologist, Inserm research scientist
Jean-Louis Bresson, Director of the Clinical Investigation Center of Necker Hospital for Sick Children
Jacqueline Delbecq, Research Mission at the French Directorate for Research, Assessment and Statistics (DREES MIRE), Inserm Research Director
Antoine Depaulis, Inserm Unit Research Center 836-UJF-CEA-CHU, Inserm Research Director

Inserm operational managers

Arnaud Benedetti, Director of the Department of Scientific Information and Communication
Isabelle Henry, Director of the Department of Program Assessment and Follow-Up
Anne Puech, Deputy Director of the Clinical Research Cluster

Inserm-Associations Mission (DISC)

Dominique Donnet-Kamel, Head of the Inserm-Associations Mission
Marie-Ange Litadier-Dossou, Inserm-Associations Mission Assistant
Françoise Reboul-Salze, Policy Officer

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