Mickaël Tanter, 2014 Opecst-Inserm Prize

The Opecst-Inserm Prize for 2014 is being awarded to Mickaël Tanter, for his involvement in the development of results from research on ultrarapid ultrasound.

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Mickaël Tanter (Unit 979: Inserm/CNRS/ESPCI/University Paris 7 /University Paris 6) - 2014 Opecst-Inserm Prize

Director of the Wave Physics for Medicine* unit and Deputy Director of the Langevin Institute in Paris, Mickaël Tanter used to dream of becoming a physician. When he became a researcher in physics, he developed medical applications, particularly ultrarapid ultrasound, which is now used by physicians. “There really is a virtuous circle between basic research, application, technology transfer, and returning to the laboratory to make new discoveries,” he says with enthusiasm.

*Unit 979: Inserm/CNRS/City of Paris Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution (ESPCI ParisTech)/University Paris 7 - Denis Diderot/University Paris 6 - Pierre and Marie Curie

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