ERC Grantees 2010-2011

Starting Grants 2010

Stéphanie Blandin

Stéphanie Blandin – Inserm Unit 963 (Strasbourg)
Genetics of Resistance to Malaria Parasites in the Mosquito Anopheles gambiae - MALARES


Philippe Bousso

Philippe Bousso - Inserm Unit 1223 (Institut Pasteur, Paris)
Regulation and outcome of immune cell interactions in vivo - LymphocyteContacts


Priscille Brodin

Priscille Brodin – Inserm Unit 1019 (Institut Pasteur, Lille)
A Chemical Genomics Approach of Intracellular Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Towards Defining Specific Host Pathogen Interactions - INTRACELLTB
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Toby Lawrence

Toby Lawrence – Inserm Unit 1104 (CIML, Marseille)
Targeting tumour associated macrophages in cancer - TMAC


Giovanni Marsicano

Giovanni Marsicano – Inserm Unit 1215 (Bordeaux)
Neurocircuitry of endocannabinoid regulation of food intake - Endofood
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Marcelo Nollmann Martinez – Inserm Unit 1054 (Montpellier)
Unveiling the Roles of Chromatin Insulators in Higher-order Chromatin Architecture and Transcription Regulation one molecule at a time


Mathias Pessiglione

Mathias Pessiglione – Inserm Unit 1127 (ICM, Paris)
Biological, psychological and computational bases of motivation - BioMotiv


Carole Peyssonnaux

Carole Peyssonnaux – Inserm Unit 1016 (Institut Cochin, Paris)
HIF and Hepcidin : missing links between infection, iron metabolism and cancer - HIFHEPC


Advanced Grants 2010

Laurent Abel

Laurent Abel – Inserm Unit 1163/IFR94 CNRS (Paris)
Human Genetics of Tuberculosis - GENTB


Marina Cavazzana – Inserm Unit 1163 (Paris)
Cell and gene therapy approaches for inherited diseases with unsatisfying or no therapeutic option
Marina Cavazzana is also a 2015 Advanced Grant Laureate.


Alain Fischer – Inserm Unit 1163 (Paris)
Primary immunodeficiency diseases as models for the study of the immune system
Alain Fischer is also a 2015 Proof of concept Grant Laureate.


Pierre Léopold

Pierre Léopold - Inserm Unit 1091 (IBV, Nice)
The Genetics and Physiology of Growth and Size Determination - GroLeoPierre Léopold is also a 2015 Advanced Grant Laureate.


Hugues de Thé - Inserm Unit 944 (Paris)
APL a model for oncogene-targeted leukemia cure


Starting Grants 2011

Patrick Collombat

Patrick Collombat – Inserm Unit 1091 (Nice)
Induction of insulin-producing beta-cells Regeneration in vivo - BetaRegeneration
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Cyril Herry

Cyril Herry – Inserm Unit 1215 (Bordeaux)
Neuronal circuits controlling fear behavior - NEUROFEAR


Raphaël Margueron

Raphaël Margueron - Inserm Unit 934 (Institut Curie, Paris)
Regulation of Polycomb Complex (PRC2) during development and in diseases - REPODDID


Richard Tomasini

Richard Tomasini – Inserm Unit 1068 (CRCM, Marseille)
Determination of specific components from "stromas PDAC signature" involved in PDAC Associated Neural Remodeling (PANR) and their use as clinical tool-box - Starget-inPANR


Thierry Walzer

Thierry Walzer – Inserm Unit 1111 (ENS Lyon)
Differentiation and role of Natural Killer cells - DIRONAKI


Advanced Grant 2011

Anne Dejean Assemat

Anne Dejean Assemat - Inserm Unit 993 (Institut Pasteur, Paris)
The Genetics and Physiology of Growth and Size Determination - VitruVius

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