Making a gift

What is an informal gift?

An informal gift is a gift by which a living person (called the donor) or a legal entity (the patron) informally gives personal property (a sum of money, furniture, etc.) to another person (the donee).
A gift is something transferred with nothing directly or indirectly received in return, which means that the gift is made gratuitously by the donor.

Questions concerning anything received in return are particularly important with regard to patronage. The distinction between patronage, with nothing in return, and sponsorship (material support with a view to benefiting directly as a result) is sometimes difficult to understand. There must be some disproportion between the sums given and the value of any "services rendered"; otherwise, it amounts to advertising. In the event of patronage, therefore, only the patron’s name and logo may appear on any communications media of the beneficiary and no advertising slogan on behalf of the patron. The patron may not use its gift as a means of advertising in its own communications media.

How to make an informal gift

This is done simply by giving a sum of money or an object “from hand to hand”. An informal gift may therefore be effected by a cheque or transfer of a sum of money into an account, without recourse to any legal document.

To make your gift, we advise you to write or type a letter stating that:

  • you wish to make a gift to INSERM (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research), for medical research in general, so that the Institute will then allocate the sums donated to the particular research project it considers most urgent; or
  • you wish to make a gift to Inserm for a clearly defined research project or research training course.

Any gift by cheque should be made out to Monsieur l'Agent Comptable Principal de l'Inserm.

You should send all these documents to:
Monsieur l'Agent Comptable Principal (Chief Accountant)
101, rue de Tolbiac
75654 Paris Cedex 13

For further information
Contact the Département des Affaires juridiques (Legal Department)
101, rue de Tolbiac
75654 Paris Cedex 13
Tel. +33 (0)1 44 23 62 09
Fax. +33 (0)1 44 23 60 10

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