Scientific Advisory Board

As an advisory body, the Scientific Advisory Board studies the situation and development prospects of medical research and life and health sciences by drawing on the preparatory work carried out by the Specialized Scientific Committees. Half of its members are elected by Inserm personnel and the other half are appointed by the funding ministries. They sit on the board for four years.


The Scientific Advisory Board is particularly consulted about:

  • the creation, amendment and closure of Inserm’s research units;
  • appointments of research unit directors: renewing or winding up their responsibilities;
  • the research policy for recruiting research scientists;
  • Inserm’s promotion, information and training guidelines.

Pierre-Olivier Couraud © Inserm/Latron, Patrice

Chairman: Pierre-Olivier Couraud


Scientific Advisory Board members

  • Marie-Christine Alessi
  • Frédéric Andre
  • Claude-Marie Bachelet
  • Magalie Benard
  • Chantal Boulanger
  • Pierre-Olivier Couraud
  • Pascal Dolle
  • Dominique Eladari
  • Alexandre Escargueil
  • Frédérique Frouin
  • Alain Giron
  • Francoise Jacob Dubuisson
  • Rosemary Elizabeth Kiernan
  • Patricia Krief
  • Cyril Lafon
  • Christophe Lamaze
  • Catherine Le Gales
  • Anne-Louise Leutenegger
  • Antoine Magnan
  • Julie Perroy
  • Anne-Marie Rodriguez
  • Suzana Salcedo
  • Michel Samson
  • Rodolphe Thiebaut
  • Antoine Toubert
  • Nathalie Vergnolle
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