Information System

Director : Laurent Vigneron

Secretary: Sonia Charles-François


The Department of the Information System (DSI) sets out, develops and maintains a safe and consistent system of the information required for managing the Institute.

The role and responsibility of the Information System Department is as follows:

  • To design the architecture of an information system intended to structure and manage the different research and supporting activities of the establishment
  • To define the technical and organisational methods that will enable the establishment to implement its policy in the area of information systems
  • To advise and guide the research units as to how to use information technologies
  • To assist project managers in order to address to their functional needs with projects that develop applicable solutions and to conduct these projects
  • To propose, jointly with the operational and administrative departments, a policy for the purchase of goods and services in the area of information technologies
  • To manage and coordinate the information systems security policy by ensuring the security system is effective and that risk is controlled as well as, more generally, maintaining the conditions necessary for the operability of the information system.

In order to fulfil its tasks, the Information System Department is responsible for developing an information system strategy and, given the approval of the information system committee director, monitoring its implementation.

The Information Systems Department ensures that there is an overview of the actions and expenses connected with information systems. It keeps the information system mapping up to date and anticipates any necessary changes to be made. It evaluates and recommends the investments to be made with regard to technological development.

The scope of the Information System Department's responsibilities extends to the establishment's entire information system and includes management, production, planning and strategising in the area of information systems. In addition, the Information System Department collaborates more specifically with a number of other departments.

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