Human Resources

Hafid Brahmi, Director of the Department of Human Resources (DRH) © Inserm, F. Guenet

Director: Hafid Brahmi

Secretarie: Sophie Marignier


The Department of Human Resources (DRH) outlines and implements Inserm’s national human resource management policy by promoting the professions and skills of its personnel and optimising work conditions. It is assisted by the regional human resource managers who provide local management. The DRH’s missions mainly involve giving advice, sharing its expertise and developing major national projects.

The DRH’s missions are as follows:

  • designing Inserm’s human resource management system and organising the administrative and financial management of its personnel (workforce, payroll, etc.), setting up recruitment competitive exams and following up careers, designing and implementing national training schemes, social policies, health & safety and preventive medicine initiatives;
  • running the network of regional human resource managers, which manages personnel on a daily basis, supporting them throughout their career and advising laboratory directors regarding human resources;
  • distributing statutory regulations and harmonising associated practices;
  • putting forward innovative measures for promoting “good practice” and helping all those involved in human resources to make progress;
  • steering the human resources information system.
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