Program Assessment and Follow-Up

Department Director: Nicole Haeffner-Cavaillon

Administrative coordination: Anita Dumenil

Assistant: Sandra Fournier

The Department of Program Assessment and Follow-Up (DESP) is responsible for the assessment procedures of Inserm’s research scientists, programs and divisions in partnership with Inserm’s assessment bodies (specialized scientific committees, research administrationcommittee and scientific advisory board), the thematic institutes, the Chairman and CEOand other support divisions. The DESP implements tools for steering and monitoring Inserm’s activities. 

The DESP’s missions are as follows:

The DESP’s missions are organized into four main activities, each managed by a specific unit within the department:

  • The Assessment unit organizes and implements procedures for assessing research training programs in liaison with the French Assessment Agency for Research and Higher Education, in-house and external research scientists and research lecturers, as well as calls for proposals intended to welcome, train and support young French and foreign researchers and to promote mobility and excellence in coordination with the Department of Human Resources. This unit acts as the functional link between the DESP, thematic institutes and the Directorate General.
  • The Measures, indicators and bibliometrics unit monitors the Institute’s activities, in liaison with the Directorate General, the thematic institutes and various research support departments and research units. This unit is responsible for monitoring the international expert base in Inserm’s research fields.
  • The ANR unit manages the calls for proposals it delegates in keeping with Inserm’s thematic fields.
  • The Quality unit raises the awareness of researchers about quality and develops continuous improvement tools within research divisions, platforms as well as research support divisions.
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