Allocations doctorales, post-doctorales et dernière année de thèse


Date limite : 31 mars 2017

L'ARSEP propose des allocations doctorales ou post-doctorales ainsi que des financements pour la dernière année de thèse.

Regulations about fellowships:

  • ARSEP support covers salary (35 000 € for a doctoral fellowship; 57 000 € for a post-doctoral fellowship)
  • The support cannot exceed 3 years
  • The candidate should be less than 40 years old on March 31, 2017
  • French nationality is not required
  • A principal investigator (PI) can only submit one project as a coordinator for grant or for fellowship

PhD students can apply for fellowships only for their last thesis year (3rd or 4th year) and only if

  1. the absence of funding for the entire thesis can be justified or due to unusual circumstances
  2. a 4th year is necessary for the completion of the thesis and is authorized by the French University

Postdoctoral fellows if:

  1. the applicants reside in France, funding can be granted for the first year and possibly renewed,
  2. the applicants apply for a foreign laboratory, funding can be granted only for the first year providing that the PhD has been performed in France

REMINDER: In respect with the French law, the duration of fixed-term contracts in public laboratories cannot exceed 6 consecutive years (for post-doctoral fellowship).
Selection of the project is based on the project originality, feasibility, the pertinence and the relevance of the methodology. In 2017, a project will be put forward for its innovative character.

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