Inserm Prizes 2012

By honoring its talents, Inserm intends to show the diversity and the wealth of the professions that work in biomedical research, as well as the creativity and the passion of the men and women who run it on a daily basis.

The Inserm Medical Research Prizes for 2012 were awarded on Monday December 3rd, 2012 at the Collège de France.

watch a recording of the ceremony (in French)

The winners

Philippe Sansonetti, Grand Prix © Inserm/Paris Match/V. Capman

Grand Prix : Philippe Sansonetti, for his research on microbial infection (physician and director of Inserm Research Unit 786 “Colonization and microbial invasion of the mucous membranes" at the Institut Pasteur de Paris)


Jean-Paul Soulillou, Honorary Prize © Inserm/Paris Match/V. Capman

Honorary Prize : Jean-Paul Soulillou, for his work on tolerance to allografts (physician and head of the Inserm "Lymphocyte regulation and tolerance" team at the Transplantation and Immunology Research Center – Inserm Unit 1064 in Nantes)


Ingrid Grummt, International Prize © Inserm/Paris Match/V. Capman

International Prize : Ingrid Grummt, for her research work on the molecular mechanisms that control gene expression (director of research at the German cancer research center in Heidelberg)


Sophie Ugolini, Research Award © Inserm/Paris Match/V. Capman

Research Awards : Sophie Ugolini, for her work on a particular population of lymphocytes, Natural Killer (NK) cells (research director of the Marseilles Luminy Immunology Center - Inserm/Aix-Marseille Université Unit 1104)


Jessica Zucman-Rossi, Research Award © Inserm/Paris Match/V. Capman

Research Awards : Jessica Zucman-Rossi, for her work on genetic alterations that characterize human tumors (physician and director of the "solid tumor functional genomics" Unit in Paris – Inserm Unit 674)


Alain de Cesare, Innovation Award © Inserm/Paris Match/V. Capman

Innovation Awards : Alain de Cesare, for his work that led to the designing of software for analyzing medical images (research engineer at the functional imaging laboratory - Inserm Unit 678 in Paris)


Marc Lopez, Innovation Awards © Inserm/Paris Match/V. Capman

Innovation Awards : Marc Lopez, for his work that has made it possible to identify the molecules allowing cells to adhere to one another: nectins (Inserm research engineer at the Marseilles Cancer Research Center - Inserm Unit 1068)


The Grand Prix pays tribute to an actor in French scientific research whose work has allowed for remarkable progress in the knowledge of human physiology, therapeutics, and in the health field at large.

The Research Awards distinguish researchers, professors and clinician-researchers, whose work has particularly marked the field of fundamental research, clinical research and therapeutics and research in public health.

The Innovation Awards reward engineers, technicians or administrative personnel for original creations in the service of accompanying research.

Since 2004, an Honorary Prize and an International Prize have been awarded, bearing witness to the professions of particularly eminent international scientists.

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