ERC Grantees 2012

Starting Grants 2012

Nicolas Charlet-Berguerand

Nicolas Charlet-Berguerand - Inserm Unit 964 (IGBMC, Strasbourg)
Understanding the causes of the RNA gain of function diseases – RNADiseases • Frédéric Darios – Inserm Unit 1127 (ICM, Paris) Role of endoplasmic reticulum in neurodegeneration : pathophysiology of a form of hereditary spastic paraplegia as a model - ER-HSP


Filippo Del Bene

Filippo Del Bene – Inserm Unit 934 (Institut Curie, Paris)
Dissecting Neuronal Circuit in the Zebrafish Optic Tectum - ZebraTectum


Guillaume Dumenil

Guillaume Dumenil – Inserm Unit 1225 (Paris)
Blood vessels as a target for infection - VIP


Thomas Henry

Thomas Henry - Inserm Unit 1111 (ENS Lyon)
Deciphering cytosolic antibacterial immunity: from triggering bacteriolysis to Aim2 inflammasome activation - CytoBacLysis


Nicolas Manel

Nicolas Manel - Inserm Unit 932 (Institut Curie, Paris)
Innate sensing of HIV and immune responses (HIVINNATE)


Mathieu Pernot

Mathieu Pernot - Inserm Unit 979 (Institut Langevin, Paris)
Ultrafast Imaging of the Heart Using Ultrasound: a breakthrough for early diagnosis of cardiac diseases - UltraEchoCardio


Rémy Slama

Rémy Slama – Inserm Unit 1209 (Institut Albert Bonniot, La Tronche)
Environmentally-induced Developmental Origins of Health and Disease - E-DOHaD


Olivier Tenaillon

Olivier Tenaillon – Inserm Unit 1137 (Hôpital Bichat, Paris)
Genetic and Phenotypic Modelling of bacterial Evolution - GENPHENBACT


Pierre-Louis Tharaux

Pierre-Louis Tharaux - Inserm Unit 970 (PARCC, Paris)
Target Glomerulonephritis and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis as a Model to Investigate the Link between Inflammation and Kidney Disease: From Basic Mechanisms to Clinical Application - TARGET GLOMDIS


Nicolas Tricaud

Nicolas Tricaud - Inserm Unit 1051 (Montpellier)
Roles of mitochondria in healthy and diseased periperal myelin - MitoMyelin


Nathalie Vergnolle Sangiorgi

Nathalie Vergnolle Sangiorgi – Inserm Unit 1220 (Toulouse)
Proteases in the intestinal physiology of the epithelium - PIPE


Danijela Vignjevic

Danijela Vignjevic - UMR144 CNRS (Institut Curie, Paris)
Cell migration in gut homeostasis and cancer invasion, role of microenvironment - STARLIN


Claire Wyart

Claire Wyart – Inserm Unit 1127 (ICM, Paris)
Dynamic sensory-motor integration in spinal circuits - Optoloco


Advanced Grant 2012

Antoine Triller

Antoine Triller – Inserm Unit 1024 (ENS, Paris)                                              
Molecular Plasticity of Inhibitory Synapses (PLASTINHIB)

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