Science Tour in Besançon: science is coming to you!

06 May 2014

Besançon – Armed with teaching aids, exhibitions, a mobile laboratory and discussion spaces, all designed to present the major advances in biomedical research in a playful manner, the Science Tour is coming to Besançon.

Participants: All welcome
Venue: Cour d’honneur, St Jacques Hospital, 2 Place St Jacques, Besançon
Date and Times: 6 May 2014, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Inserm is coming to meet you by joining forces with the Science Tour! Throughout the year, some 10 minibuses will be touring France to look for tomorrow’s scientists. This educational road show is aimed at making science accessible to everyone (general public, schoolchildren and students). A network of mediators distributed throughout the territory will offer a variety of scientific activities (experiments, games, models, investigations, etc.).

The Science Tour is coming to Besançon. As a partner in this project, designed by the Petits Débrouillards association, the C’est Pas Sorcier educational TV programme and France Télévision, Inserm will present its virtual museum, short films (Virus Attack, POM Bio à Croquer, A Bord du Nanotilus (On Board the Nanotilus) in 3D), and the interactive exhibition Les Architectes du Vivant (Architects of the Living).

On board a “mobile” laboratory, you can also attend many activities that help in understanding the mechanics of life.
Further information


Further information

The special “50 Years of Inserm” Science Tour minibuses will tour France throughout 2014. You can also visit the Science Tour website

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