Researchers Welcoming Patients – Rare Diseases

23 May 2014

In a single day, over 16 Inserm laboratories working in the area of rare diseases will open their doors to patients and their families: a chance to get an update on existing knowledge, ongoing research and the issues involved.

Participants: Patients and those close to them, and anyone interested in research-related matters
Venues: Brest, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Rouen, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Tours and the Paris region
Arrangements: visit the website

The ones most eagerly awaiting advances in research are the patients and disabled people. This is why Inserm opens up its laboratories and joins with numerous associations to organise the “Researchers Welcoming Patients” gatherings. Thus patients can find out how research works, and why it sometimes moves forward with giant strides, and sometimes with smaller steps. They will have the chance to raise all the questions they have about research, and about their disorders or diseases.

For this gathering, with its focus on rare diseases, the researchers will welcome patients and those close to them, as well as those who are interested in research, to talk about their work and advances in research, and to showcase their laboratories and the technological platforms with which they work. This gathering is organised to encourage dialogue, discussion and questions.

All people concerned by rare diseases are welcome: some will be interested in themes that are specific to particular diseases; others will be interested in new technological approaches, and curious to really understand what is meant by genome sequencing, “omic” approaches, DNA microarrays, viral vectors, stem cells, etc.

We are expecting a large number of researchers to become involved: 16 Inserm laboratories in 13 French cities will open their doors. The participation of the French Rare Diseases Alliance and AFM-Téléthon, which support the researchers in combating the diseases, is also expected at these gatherings. Orphanet and the French Foundation for Rare Diseases are naturally involved in this gathering. Once again, our slogan “Moving forward together” will assume its full meaning.

For further information and to register, visit the website
Each laboratory can accommodate only a limited number of participants, so register early!

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