Questions in Health – Memory and forgetting, an inseparable pair

22 May 2014

Paris and Marseille – By studying disorders of memory, such as amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease, scientific research is gradually decoding its structure and function. Put your questions to specialists in the area.

Audience: General public
Venue: Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie de Paris, simultaneously with Aix-Marseille University (Campus St Charles, Grand Amphithéâtre). It can also be followed on Twitter via @InsermLive or #ConfSanT
Date and Time: Thursday 22 May 2014, 7:00-8:30 pm
Arrangements: Admission free, but reservation required, at for Paris and

Memory is linked to our identity and history. By studying disorders of memory, such as amnesia and Alzheimer’s disease, scientific research is decoding its structure and functioning, which are substantially unknown. Why do we forget? Do illnesses and the passage of time condemn our memories to oblivion? How can we live with forgetfulness?

Such are the questions that the public will discuss with contributions from:

  • Francis Eustache, Director of Studies at EPHE, Director of Inserm Research Unit 1077 at the University of Caen/Lower Normandy, and Director of the Cyceron Public Interest Group
  • Patrick Lemaire, Professor of Psychology at Aix-Marseille University, a researcher at the Cognitive Psychology Laboratory (CNRS, Joint Research Unit 7290), and a member of the Institut Universitaire de France

Come and take part in this discussion between the public, lay people and scientists. The discussion will be led by Jean-Philippe Braly, a journalist with “La Recherche” magazine.

Ask your questions
A blog for the “Santé en Questions” seminars offers you the chance to express your opinion, share your experience or ask your questions. These questions will be forwarded to the scientists at Inserm and to the archivists at Cité de la Santé d’Universcience, who will reply in 3-5 days.
To ask your questions about memory, use this link (or Twitter, @InsermLive)!

Knowledge acquired in life and health sciences helps in the design of treatments to fight diseases. These advances can also raise ethical, societal and economics questions. “Santé en Questions” is a series of citizen seminars organised by Inserm, Universciences, and the regional players involved in scientific and technical culture to facilitate debate.

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