commemorates the Institute's 50th anniversary

10 January 2014

INSERM will be celebrating its 50th anniversary throughout 2014. Our website is adding a new section for the occasion. It will feature the programme of events for the celebration and articles chronicling 50 years of health research.

Developing medicines, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to treat cancer, genetic diseases, metabolic and neurological illnesses, discovering the HLA matching system to determine the success of a transplant, discovering HIV, etc. Since INSERM was founded in 1964, it has helped advance knowledge in the life sciences, diseases and how to treat them.

For the whole year in 2014, the "50 Years" section will be showcasing these discoveries and developments in a series of articles. You will also find the packed programme of events that have been organised to mark the occasion: Conferences, film discussions, edutainment events, 3-D projections, exhibits, meetings with researchers, laboratory visits, etc. All year long, INSERM will be celebrating its 50th anniversary with a wide range of scientific cultural events for all audiences throughout France.

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